Bye Bye Fat Girl

I stood on the scale staring at the number that seemed like it would forever be engraved on my soul...

Two nineteen.

How in the world could I have let things get so out of control that I was over two hundred pounds?

It was a number that would be written in my medical charts, on my drivers my insurance forms. And even more...all over my face when I tried on clothes that didn't fit.

Not only was my self esteem diminishing...but my desire to live life and enjoy it started to fade.

I began to not want to socialize with friends...except for a small group of close knit people.

I hated going to places that people would see that I no longer looked the way I once looked.

I wanted to avoid any type of scene where I would feel inferior to the pretty girl next to me at the bar.

I was losing my life to my weight.

People can say that the number on the scale doesn't define you as a person.

"Pretty is as pretty does"...or better yet "image is's all about what's on the inside".

Well, in today's world stereotyping happens.

My health began showing signs of what my weight was doing.

Severe high blood pressure was common for me. So common that I once had to be admitted to the hospital to receive liquid blood pressure medicine through IV because I was at such a risk for a stroke.

January 2013, my hubs and I decided things had to change.

I made a personal commitment to not be the photogenic fat girl anymore.

I want to make the last year of my twenties the start of something healthy and fabulous.

As of today I'm down forty pounds.

It's been hard.

I've cried, had tantrums, and wanted to quit...but thankfully I've had the strength to push through and stick with something for once.

 I'm not done yet....because if there's one thing I have learned....

Being healthy and fit isn't a fad or a trend. Instead it's a lifestyle.

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