Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't Let the Bitterness Steal the Sweetness

I found this while looking at Pinterest earlier, and it hit a nerve.

I have had someone I love more than life, tell me this a time or two lately.

To ease up, not be so serious all the time...and I'm trying.

I realize I have hung on to things that happened in my childhood that I have never, ever told anyone except a few people.

I lost a parent in the middle of my teenage years.

And I now put up walls to distance myself among certain people I love because I am bitter. I'm bitter over words and situations that have happened over years time. Memories that I know have caused me to be the way I am towards people I care about.

Situations that should have been the happiest of my life, are now overshadowed with just plain out negativity.

If there is one thing that I always want to be is that person I know I am.

I am sweet.
I am caring.
And who I don't want to turn into is that person who loves drama, negativity, and who puts a front on for the world to see.

So from this day forward I'm gonna ease up, and not let the bitterness steal the sweetness.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Second Race Review

This past weekend I did something I thought I would never do another race.

The hubs and I joined in with some work employees and did the Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash. The name makes it sound like we were running around in a field of cows.

I honestly can say I felt proud of myself.

Almost two years ago when I was close to two hundred and twenty pounds, I decided to sign up for my very first race. I had no idea what I was doing. I struggled the entire time gasping for air constantly having to stop to walk. And not to mention I came in second to last.

This time I ran the entire race, paced myself....and I crossed that line almost 35 minutes later.

No I wasn't the fastest, but I didn't stop, and I kept pushing through the constant aches and pains of thinking my legs were gonna give out.

I was so proud of my babe. Eight and a half minute miles and about twenty five minutes later, he crossed the finish line.

I told him when we were done we should do a race every year.

 I love you babe. 
We will always be each 
others biggest cheerleaders.