Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stomach Bug Infested Vacay with a Side of Fun!

Last Friday, the hubs and I ventured out on what would be an 8 day vacation of sun, sand, love and laughter.

Our first destination was Destin Beach, Florida. One of the many places I would love to move to. Several of his cousins, Aunts, Uncles and a set of grand parents live there, and we always have such a great time every time we visit.

My favorite picture of all time. It pretty much explains our marriage. This guy can aggravate me and make me so mad, but then bring me so much happiness like no other person in the world.

Sunday we left and headed down to central Florida to my hometown of Winter Haven. It's strange because I always said I would never want to move down there because it's so hot and sticky when it's Summertime. But every time I'm down there, I never, ever want to leave. It's a strange connection I feel I will always have.

We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle who I absolutely love. Believe it or not, this was the first time the hubs had ever met them. In past times...the one time I had gone down there, my sister and I flew down for the week. He loved them!

Monday night was when the stomach bug hit. The hubs got it first. The poor thing suffered through it for four long days. (and stubborn is his middle name. he didn't want to go to the doctor at all.)

Wednesday morning my Aunt and I decided to go pick some strawberries. I loved it so much, and they were delicious!

We ate at the famous Andy's Drive-In where my parents would head to eat after their long days in high school.

All I kept thinking was "my mom could have sat in this exact booth".

By Wednesday was my turn. I was up at least every hour or two, and it was not fun.

Finally, after a visit at the walk-in clinic, a trip to Publix...Sprite and crackers was what filled my our bellies for the rest of the day.

Over all we had a blast. Hanging out with my Aunt and Uncle was the best entertainment, and we couldn't have asked for anyone better to take care of us.

We got home last night, and seeing our fur babies was the best ending to such a sick vacation! We are so thankful to be feeling better!