Saturday, September 8, 2012


  • I have decided to not go forth with the half marathon this month. As much as it stinks to say that, I feel that if it took me registering and even paying for it to get my health and my blood pressure where it needed it be, then it was worth it. You're probably wondering why I'm not doing it but my explanation is nothing more than I'm just not ready. I feel like a total quitter, but my last race, which was my very first, wasn't the best for me. I didn't enjoy it, and I didn't get bit by the racing bug. I will, however be right there on the side lines cheering on my sis and my friends.

  • I'm loving Slacker Radio on the computer. I'm a regular user on my phone, but to have it playing while I'm blogging?? Totally digging it.

  • I finally booked our cabin for October! The hubs and I haven't been to Gatlinburg since our honeymoon which was almost 4 years ago. It has officially put me in the mood for Fall. I'm sure my sis and I will be taking a load full of pics!

  • Thank you so much for all your sweet words from my last post. Whether it was in person, through text, through meant the world to me. It was so hard posting something so personal, and even though it still hurts, we're making it.

  • Tonight the hubs and I are going to Chuy's! It's no doubt one of my favorite restaurants!

  • This morning I was heading out the door to make it my first day back to exercising. Thinking I could handle a little sprinkling rain, I drove 10 minutes up the road when mother nature decided to open the flood gates. I'm guessing the park will have to wait for me till later on or even tomorrow.

  • I love Kellie Pickler even more now since she shaved her head for her Bff. That right there shows unconditional love for someone. And she still looks gorgeous!

  • Well I guess I should get ready to do a little shopping. I'm in need of some new jeans!