Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday's Ramblings

:: Can I get a capital D for not having a hammock when I need one?! The weather this weekend has been absolutely glorious! Yesterday, I was so worn out...I contemplated on setting up a little pallet outside on the deck just to be able to say I took advantage of this amazing temperature!

:: Big Brother is on tonight! What's everyone think about Janelle leaving??

:: Speaking of Big Brother...I so want Ian and Ashley to get together! They would be so adorable together! But then again, do Sho-mances ever really last? And I so did not realize Ian was only 21!

:: The pups have discovered a new liking. Dill Pickle chips (on accident) and Edamame beans.

And excuse the way I had to post this. I couldn't figure out how to save an Instagram photo to my comp.

:: Last weekend we celebrated my Nana's birthday. She has been such an impact in my life and our family all together. 

:: Running. (sigh)

:: I promise I don't have my iPhone because of photography apps. 


 Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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LWLH said...

I want a iPhone but I have to wait till this stupid contract expires.