Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Months...

Seriously, can you believe it?

I know my track record of blogging hasn't been consistent,
but when I originally got out of the habit of posting,
I didn't think I'd go this long without writing something.

And what's even sadder is that the times I actually logged in,
I could count on my hand.


Today I came across this at Tractor Supply.
Amazing what all this store has.

I originally went in there wanting these pretzels that only they have,
and found this. 

That place is like Target.

You go in for one thing, and end up buying everything.

The bad thing about exercising is the sweat part.
I sweat in places I never knew could sweat,
and apparently this stuff works miracles.

I'm anxious to try it!

And to prove the hubs and I are alive and well..
here's a picture from several weeks back.

Sorry Instagram friends, all my pics are basically from there.

Nashville finally got some rain.
And we could use a lot more.

This was on the side of the road close to home.
Obviously, it set fire some how.

So my very first race is the 28th of this month...
and as much as I tell myself  I'll do fine..
the more nervous I get.

It's a 4 miler and pretty flat.
Like my sis said,
"I gotta start somewhere!"

Oh and question:
Is Blogger really gonna change it's interface soon??
I can't take the new version.

1 comment:

Terena said...

You will love this powder! I have not used the "Lady" one but have used the original. We took it down to the Bahamas when we went on a work & witness trip and really did alot of sweating. Very glad to have it on that trip!!!!