Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality....

Doesn't that title make ya wanna sing that song by En Vogue??

Yea, me too.


I suck at blogging.

I'm coming to terms with that slowly but surely.

I finally realized today just how long it had been since I actually took the time out of my day to write a post.

And you know what it was??

When my readers started disappearing.

 So, here I am.

How was Easter for you all?

Mine was lovely.

In fact I wish I had the handful of pics that I took ready so I could share with y'all all the smiles that accumulated in my day.

Oh and how is my running??

Today was the first good run I had all week.

Tennessee has turned cold on us...hence the Under Armor ear warmer.

I made a status update earlier on Facebook about how annoyed I get at my husband sometimes when he says I need to get out there and run.

It irks me but I know he's doing it because he cares, and wants me to achieve my goals.

I love him so.

I know this isn't much for a post, but it's all I got for tonight.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!



Mrs. Parker said...

Don't worry -- I get irked with my honey too when he "encourages" me to get to the gym or hit the pavement. But you're right -- it's only because they care & want us to be comfortable/happy in our own skin!

LWLH said...

Welcome back girl. I was wondering where you went.