Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Ramblings and Smiles.

- If you haven't noticed...
my posts have become few and far between.
Starting now...
I'm going to make blogging part of my weekly routine.
It's something I enjoy,
and want to keep up.

- Friday night the hubs and I joined my parents 
at a Nashville favorite, Maggiano's.
It's seriously one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to.
It's delicious!

 - We had to take Kaci to the vet on Thursday afternoon
because she has started limping on the same side
The vet thinks she has arthritis starting to form in her knee.
She seems to be playful and happy,
but of course we are having to give her "dog IB Profen".

- Look at this sweet thing.
This is Maggie...a 10 week old French Bulldog
that my bestie is dog sitting.
I wanted to dog nap her and take her home with me!

 - I love that we had wonderful weather for the first
evening since the time changed.
I sat on the back deck and relaxed for a few while the pups played.

- I love today's technology!
This is the Facebook chat.
I love my sister!

 - It has taken all I have to get out there and run.
The joys of womanhood is going on right now,
and I just feel pretty blah.
I do however love this picture from the track.

- I'm counting the days down till June.
I'm so ready for vacation!

- I finally got a new wallet!
My 31 wallet was looking pretty dingy,
so tonight at Target I purchased this cutie.
And it holds a ton of stuff!

Now if only I could find a could purse!
Do you carry black purses year round??
My black Coach purse that I carry...
I wonder if I should get a light color for the new season.
What's your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I pretty much have 2 bags I carry year round depending on what I'm doing.. my long, across the shoulder 31 bag, and then a shoulder bag that it really an endless pit.

Syndal said...

I switch purses every few months! It's something small but fun to do for yourself

D said...

Oh my goodness, the photo of the dog is great! Too cute!

Laura@Splendor said...

get a coral bag! they have some cute ones at target right now. it's a good neutral, you can wear it with anything!