Saturday, March 3, 2012

Split Half and Half.

Oh ladies.
I wish I could vent and blow steam on here.
But I'm not.
As much as I want to,
and know how wonderful it would feel,
I realize I am just  
frustrated in the moment...
and soon it will pass.

It has to do with a hobby of my honey's.
And that is golfing.
Why must it be so addicting?

I mean seriously.
It's like sometimes I feel as if him and golf
are married,
and I just get to spend time with my husband 
the remainder of the time.
Does anyone else feel like this?
Maybe I'm being dumb...
and even a slight bit selfish,
because hey...they need their fun,
and something they can enjoy.
 But geez.
How many golf balls can one guy hit?
I will say this...
he is pretty hot while doing so.
Told ya. 


stephanie said...

ha! my hubs is the same way with golf :)

Amber said...

He could be addicted to something a lot worse! : )

And I agree, I think David looks pretty hot when we go play golf together!

LWLH said...

Big Man gets addicted to his video games but it doesn't get that bad too much....I rather that than strippers or