Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

There are a few people in my small circle of friends that actually run.

I have my sister, Amber who is a runner...

but as far as friends...there are only a few.

I have Bridget...who is basically like a running god to me.

She's probably laughing as she reads that, but in all seriousness...

she inspires me.

When I see her, she puts me in the mood to lace up my shoes and run...
that's the running vibe she gives off.

And I think as a beginner runner...I need that.

Since my announcement of participating in my first half marathon,

this girl has sent me several articles to help me through this process.

Today's touched me.

Like to the point of having to choke back tears.

It's like with anything you work hard for, and you focus your attention on.

When you feel at times that you're not where you should be, 
it can get frustrating, and very trying.

This article that was in Runner's World magazine,
hit me to my runner's core.

It's from back in 2009, when John Bingham wrote his

Right now I may just be getting my feet wet,

and learning that wearing those most popular running socks aren't for me.

But like John said...

"somewhere, sometime...this all will matter. And I have faith in that."


stephanie said...

ahhhh this is exactly what I needed to hear RIGHT NOW! loved it!!!

Syndal said...

I LOVE this. So glad you shared it!