Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brooks vs. New Balance

Like I said in one of my afternoon Facebook status'...
I love unexpected half days at work!
And what a great half day it was.
I met my husband for a quick lunch...
and then decided on a whim that I wanted another pair of running shoes.
For starters, I wanted something I could compare to my normal Brook's .

And secondly, I just wanted another pair.

I quickly snagged up New Balance's version 933's.

The reviews on these things have always been excellent.

And I love the classic look of them.

So the verdict?

Love them.

And I almost hate to say this...

but I think I might like them better than my Brooks.

Ouch. That hurt just saying that.

My reasoning?

These New Balance's retail at $145.

My price?

What we paid for my Brooks??

Way more than $40!

More importantly...

they were so stinkin' comfortable...

and roomy.

I know I'll wear them both...

thanks to my inserts I can change out.

Wasn't that a steal though??

I was so happy!

And look how gorgeous my route was today.

Oh how I love this time of year!!

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