Sunday, March 18, 2012

And My Face Was Beet Red...

To date...
my run today was the earliest one I've done thus far.
I loved knowing it would be done for today,
and I wouldn't have to think about it till tomorrow.

Going in to it I thought this will be easy peasy compared to the 
one's in the freezing cold, or in mid afternoon when the heat is smothering.

My breathing was off a little, and my heart was pounding so hard,
I felt as if I could hear it.
Today was the first time I thought I would get sick.
But I didn't.
I finished my cool down lap and headed straight to my car
for my water.
And as I sat there with the car running, air blowing in my face...
and Billie Myer's "Kiss the Rain" going...
I prayed to God.

My prayer was compassionate and was honest.

I asked the Lord to help me stay positive in the training.
I asked Him to help me stay focused on what I had achieved so far,
rather than how far I had to go.
And then I remembered that little Pinterest pin from last night...



LWLH said...

Keep at it love :)

Dr. Reginia said...

Keep at it. You will get better and better...then you can train me. I want to become a runner.

stephanie said...

keep at it!! I am going through the SAME thing and it is so so worth it. I think :)