Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Whole Slew of Things...in Letter Form

{because we all know it's better!}

Dear *(*$#%%^*( ^*^*^*^(*&(_*&(*& :
Yes you...in that little black car.
I wanted to start my morning off right,
but when you in your wanna be crap of a sports car
almost killed me, I just knew I was in for it.
It's driver's like you that kill innocent people...
who take lives of precious loved ones.
Just know I got your license plate number, buddy.
{and for the record we were slowing down}

Dear Subway:
I do love you and your Veggie Delite on Wheat Bread.

Dear Me:
Through all this exercise and eating better,
I'm starting to slowly see that thinner girl coming out.
You still have a ways to go, but keep on going.

Dear Computer:
I love you!!!! 
I never thought the day would come when we would
finally purchase you...a new you!

Dear Hubby:
These candid pictures melt my heart.

 Dear Sister:
Thank you for sending me this picture.
It's now the wallpaper on my phone..
as a reminder that those
cheesy, greasy tots from Sonic really isn't worth it.

{taken May 2011}

Off I go to soak in the tub :)
My legs are killing me from Spin class!


stephanie said...

you go girl, staying motivated is always the hardest part for me!

Jessica Renee said...

You look great!! I think it's awesome how dedicated you are, I know you'll reach your goal! :)