Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Stuffed Puppy My Hubby Gave Me

This little beanie baby is always in my view when
I wake up in the mornings.
And sometimes I catch myself smiling at him.

He sits on our dresser.

If he didn't have a story, I'd probably take him to Goodwill..
but since he does, I'll keep him forever.

My hubs and I hadn't been married a year yet when 
I started begging for a puppy.
I'd research and research on breeds, and breeders...
and search the local rescue sites in our areas,
bombarding the hubby's text messages with cute pictures of
puppies up for adoption.

One evening as I sat on our bed the hubs came in and told
me to stay in our room and not come out till he told me to.

Of course right then I knew something was hid up his sleeve,
so I sat there anxiously awaiting.
I heard him open our laundry room door.
What in the world was he doing?
I thought.

As I sat there patiently and quietly...
I heard...
"Shhhh, be quiet..."

"Honey, close your eyes"
My stomach sank.
I just knew....


Right in my stomach, he threw me our first puppy.

Unfortunately he came stuffed.

{I'm thinkin' I'll still be laughin' at that one when we're 80 
sittin' on the front porch}


Cheryl E. said...

aww that is a cute little story though. You better keep him forever :)

Confessions of a Single Mommy said...

Haha! That soo cute!

Krista said...

I knew my hubsy wanted a Boxer so I bought him a stuffed one a LONG time it's one of my son's favorite stuffed animals. Keep that little puppy, you never know what will be become of him :)