Sunday, January 22, 2012

So I Went Ahead and Did It...

Holy crap.

I finally did it.
After going back and forth with my husband 
523,521,877 times 
about whether or not I should do September's half marathon,
I registered.


That means I have 8 whole months to prepare myself
and get ready for this thing.

That's 243 days till race day.

Oh what emotions and feelings I will have when I cross that finish line.

I can do this, and I will do this.

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. 
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.”
- Lou Holtz


Syndal said...

Wow!! that's awesome!!

Breanna said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are such an inspiration! :)

Praying for you as you train for this race! :)

I'm so proud :)

Anonymous said...


stephanie said...

awesome! and I was feeling so proud for registering for a 5k hahaha!

mama marchand said...

You go, girl!

Ashley said...

Good for you! I will be doing a half marathon in April. I have done it once before and when you cross that finish you will feel AWESOME! And then you will be addicted to running.

Krista said...

So excited for you! What a great goal and future accomplishment!

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats girl, that's awesome!!