Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mid Week Confessions!

Oh my, oh my...
how I love a good link up!
Lord knows I haven't done one of these in a while...
so here it goes!

I think my husband is the silliest of the silly's.
Seriously, he makes me laugh every day..
I'm guessing that's a good thing, right?
Yah, I thought so.

The other day I snapped this picture of Buck laying on the back deck.
It was right before the storm hit, 
and it was so nice and breezy outside.
I had the back door open, 
and he sure was loving it.

I'm really trying to focus on the present time.
I am so guilty of wishing the days away...
like right now..longing for Friday to be here,
so I can enjoy a nice weekend.

The hubs and I were driving on the interstate tonight,
and noticed this strange looking cloud thingy in the sky.
It went from a wand, to a dental pick...all the way to a spider's leg.
Kind of crazy.

I'm kinda sleepy right now.
Yawn number five here.

Have you ever noticed what a range of 
golf clubs they have out there?
Geez. It's a bunch I know that.
And tonight I stood in the midst of all of them.

This is really not turning into a confessional of any kind...
I'm guessing more of a random kinda post.
Oh well.

Say hi to my new running shoes.
I love them so far.
The guy at the shoe store was so awesome, 
and so informative.
I'm so excited about my run tomorrow afternoon.

Well friends, I'm off to count sheep!
Everyone have a wonderful night!


Breanna said...

Love your new shoes! :) I love random posts - they are some of my favorites :)

P.S. - I left you a little surprise on my Blog :)


Lil' Woman said...

Random posts are the best! :)
Yay for new shoes!