Friday, January 20, 2012

It's so not a walk in the park for me...

So I have to make an appointment with the dentist.

Within the past couple of years,
each experience I have with the dentist,
gets worse and worse.

And it's not that the hygienist is being rough,
or the dentist isn't very nice..
it's my gums and my teeth.


If you saw a picture of my teeth,
you would think they were beautiful
{thanks to my parents for those expensive braces}
but within they are so sensitive and prone to cavities.

My gums are so sore, and bleed so bad.

I'm hoping and praying that the new toothpaste I got will help.
I can only use it for 4 weeks due to the ingredients in it.

Please fit me in a tiny little prayer that my experience won't be too bad.


Jessica Renee said...

I feel your pain, I never had good experiences at the dentist either! :( I hope it goes well!!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Speak up, girl! Just be like, "That hurts. That hurts. Yup, that hurts." Well, with that shank in your mouth, it may be more like, "Tha ugh." Then, she can remove it, and you can explain, "Yeah, hi - if there's blood coming out from where you're scraping around in there - could you stop it, or numb me up?" Haha. I'm a bleeder, too. I've just learned I've had to be an advocate for my poor, poor gummy-poos. :) Or just say you need her to be more gentle or someone else who's more gentle - but no offense to her, haha. I did that before - to a dentist - not the assistant, because that guy sucked - he made my whole face hurt, but I didn't say no offense. :) There are people who you can barely feel, and people who, I think, really like to see blood! Creepy! BTW, I love that picture, haha! Aaand... my blog post about dental advice in your comment section is over.

Anonymous said...

ouch! I think it all depends on your hygienist! I used to LOVE going to the dentist, but i switched after getting married to the dentist my hubs goes to, and one of the hygienists is a little rough. I asked to switch and it made all the difference! They always tell me I have sensitive gums too.
Hope it goes well for you!

Syndal said...

oh goodness-good luck! i get a lot of anxiety from the dentist too!

Lil' Woman said...

Yikes, that'a no good.
Good luck with that love.

Anonymous said... more vit C? It stops your gums bleeding :)

Good luck!