Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Texas Love!

I'm so behind on my posts,
so please bare with me.

A few weeks ago I got my package from Janna...
my partner in a Ornament Exchange we participated in of Jess's.
It was so much fun, and Janna spoiled the day lights out of me!

 These are just a handful of what she sent me.

 My Texas cowboy!

Along with these I got an adorable snowman ornament, a cute Wintery scene hand towel,
and some snowman face tongs. So so cute!
Every time I see them, I think of Janna!
Thank you, sweet girl!
Now head on over there and check these two ladies out!

Happy Sunday, peeps!


Janna said...

I am so happy to have met you! I am glad that you liked it :) Happy Sunday Friend!

Amber said...


I've been a blogger slacker too! : )