Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Art Journal

Last night I began my very own art journal.

It's crazy to me to think I have never once mentioned on here
just how much I love anything art related.

A little back ground story.
{Before I entered the banking world,
I spontaneously almost went to a local art school here in Nashville.
The criteria and the cost of the school was something that I was not 
definite about so I declined, and never went through with it.}

My grandfather is an amazing artist.
My dad has some pretty cool drawing skills, 
and my brother and sister have some awesome talent with music.
I'm guessing we have art blood running through us.

While browsing online last night, I found a blog that I found inspiring.
I immediately bookmarked it because I knew it would be a site
I would continuously come back to every day.

Art Journal Every Day

I absolutely love Julie's style...
the way she expresses herself through her pictures and her artwork.
I love that she says
"put 10 minutes aside a day just to nourish your creative style every day...
you don't even have to like it or finish it..."

It's exactly what I needed to get back in to what I love to do.
And that's draw.
And doodle...
and create.

Last night I gathered all my art supplies...
and laid on the floor in the office.
I turned on some relaxing music,
and let the creative juices flow.

...and this sweet girl just watched.


Lil' Woman said...

Wow you do have some talent!
I love this. What a great way to get your creativity out.

Gail said...

You just continue to amaze me.
I love it!
And the doggie face, too. :)

Micah G Robinson said...

Love it Liz!
Keep it up

Krista said...

I love this idea!

The Arizona Russums said...

This is so cool! I'm not very artistic, but I love this idea. Your drawing above is beautiful!

Heather said...

Good for you! Doing something that you love is important! And harder after you have kiddos. I'll get there someday.