Monday, November 28, 2011

Impromptu Leave, Richard and White Lights.

Let's see.
I really have no explanation for my recent impromptu leave of absence
that I took these past couple of weeks.
To be honest with you,
I just have nothing worth sharing.
Ever feel like that?
So I'm going to jump around a bit.
I'm posting some of the most random pictures...
or really most random tidbits of my life because
well, that's all I got.

During my leave of absence, 
Thanksgiving happened.
And as much as I would like to say I snapped some great pictures,
I didn't.
And that stinks.

I did however master my goal of making deviled eggs.
I'm the girl who made boiling an egg a hard task.
But I did it, and they turned out yummo.

The hubs and I adopted a new member into the family.
Meet Richard.
He's our little elf that has made his way into several different spots of
our home and vehicles.

Needless to say he's brought some smiles and giggles to our faces.
And that seems worth it.

Nashville had some pretty strange weather this past weekend.
It teased us with temps in the low to mid 70's with the best breeze ever.
And now?
There's a chance of snow.

I put up our Christmas tree over the weekend,
and if I could I'd leave it up year round.
I love the white lights.
I love the white lights so much I put them in our ficus tree
and plan on leaving those up all the time.
I just like the look of it.

I smile every time I see this ornament. the years have flown.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

my Grannie had white lights in her ficus for years.

Jessica Renee said...

Welcome back! and good job with the deviled eggs, I can't make them but when others do, I devour them! haha..

White lights are my favorite too, you should show us more of your Christmas decor! :)

Erin said...

I have definitely had some trouble coming up with things to blog about. Sometimes there just isn't anything interesting going on in life I guess! Glad you're back though :) I am so jealous that you made deviled eggs. They are one of my favorite things! Yummy!

Krista said...

We have white lights in our ficus too! All year!

Have a great weekend Elizabeth!

Dr. Reginia said...

White lights are really pretty to me and I LOVE deviled eggs.