Thursday, November 3, 2011

Four Happy Thoughts

  1. Rain is a good thing.
{and not because Luke Bryan says so}
This morning when I was on my way to work,
it was so obvious we were about to get some nasty weather.
And we did. 
Nothing too bad though.
2. Comfort food.
I realized tonight just how much I like hot soup in a coffee mug.
Why? I have no clue.

3. Random findings.
 When looking for Buck's allergy medicine,
I found two things of Mary Kay lip gloss and lipstick.
It excited me, but then I realized just how much I love Avon more.
They both seemed waxy to me.

4. Wednesday night service.
Last night's message was one of those I felt as if the Pastor spoke on it 
just for he was speaking to me and only me.
It was on being offended and how to handle situations when people offend you.
I loved Proverbs 18:19.

"An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city. 
Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars."

And to me that goes with anyone.
Within a marriage, parents and children...friends.
I really want to post more on this...and I think I might.

Over look that messy handwriting..
Hope everyone has a lovely Friday...
Thank goodness the weekend is near!


Dalia said...

We go some rain today too and it was great, we needed it.
Soup in a cup, that's my favorite. Why in a cup? For me it's easier to handle.
Have a great Weekend!

Heather said...

I love the pictures that you post!
And I love hot soup in a mug too!

Sara said...

Hot soup in a big mug is the best! I think it's because you can wrap your hands around the mug and warm yourself inside and out while you're eating it. I'm a big fan of Chicken Noodle-O's...yes, I'm 5. :)

Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

LOVE soup in a mug :) totally agree. Thanks for being interested in my surprise post! It was a great surprise :)

Lil' Woman said...

Soup in a cup is a def. comfort, mmmm now I want some.

Dr. Reginia said...

I love rain, comfy foods and all things pretty.

Krista said...

Somehow a mug makes soup all the better...its just one of those mysteries ;)

I'm looking forward to a post on being offended. That sounds weird but I'm interested to see your thoughts and what you have learned :)

The Arizona Russums said...

I always like to eat my soup and my ice cream in a mug!