Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today All Wrapped Up

Hey hey sweetie pies...
hope you have had a wonderful Saturday!
  • The weather here today was absolutely breath taking.
So breath taking I actually asked told the hubs I was going to 
join him on his tee time today.
Days like today make me not mind getting jerked around almost to the point
of thrown out the side of a golf cart.
Which made me determine you must pass a test to be able to drive
a golf cart. 
And yes, I'm serious.

  • I'm addicted to this snack mix.
Who would have known spicy dried sea weed and kernels of corn
would be delicious?

I have a secret something that is consuming every ounce of my brain.
I'm praying, praying, praying...
and asking that you do too, please.

  • My hair is growing!
Remember when I cut it?
{no? well, ya can see it here}
Well..lately I've been missing it...
like bad.
It's not even long enough for a 
hideous, short stub of a pony tail.

  • I wanna fly to California.
I wanna see my brother and his sweet wife.

  • Tonight for dinner we tried out this absolutely delicious, 
cool and trendy place in Nashville...
well, on the outskirts of Nashville,
called Pied Piper Eatery.
We loved it.
The tables had cool pictures and lyrics all over it.

And the ladie's restroom?
While I peed I got to stare at New Kids on the Block
all over the walls.
And that in itself is a reason to try it if you're ever this way.

  • This evening was my hub's 10 year class reunion.
We were gonna go, 
but Mike somebody forgot to send in the money by the deadline.
No names mentioned.

That's it friends!

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Lil' Woman said...

It's weird but I kinda want NKOTB to stare at me while I pee too : )