Friday, September 30, 2011

My Blog Swap Goodies

This month Meg decided to bring the season in with a bang
and host a....

Oh how I loved being a part of this fun gift swap!

My hubby laughed at me because I was so excited seeing the brown box
on our kitchen table when we arrived home from vacation this past weekend.
I even let him cut the package tape.

Syndal was my partner, and I thought it was great because she was already
someone I followed and kept up with.
She's got an adorable blog that you must check out! 

Here's all the fabulous goodies she surprised me with!

A lovely black and white picture frame (making it's home shortly in our master),
comfy cozy socks, gorgeous stud earrings, sparkly purple nail polish, 
a cute apple dish towel, a very cute Fall candle,
and a leaf candle holder.

Thank you so much, Syndal! 
You definitely made my day with each of your gifts,
and I cannot wait to try my nail polish out!


Syndal said...

we were SO on the same page..we gave eachother like the same things!! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Such cute stuff.
I love doing blog swaps though I don't do as many as I would like.