Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Becoming a Wine- O

..well, not really.

In fact, I don't even have a wine that I 
particularly enjoy to drink.


I've been wanting to check out some local winery's
to see what I like,
but the hubs and I have yet to do that.

So with that being said...
what's your wine of choice?

PS. Can you believe the hub's just turned on the heat?
It's so cold.


Anonymous said...

This weather just reminds me that I don't have screens!! I don't drink much wine- but I love the fruittier ones.

Kristi Andersen said...

Macoroni Grill Chianti, sold in liquor stores and only $9.00.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

MASCATO. Especially from Olive Garden. It's a sweet white wine. Blueberry wine is delish too.

Ashley said...

I like the girls night out wines. They are a fruity wine, so I find it a good beginners wine - especially the strawberry samba!! Oh and its cheap!!

Breanna said...

It is very chilly here too in Western PA and I'm usually the warm one :)

I love red fruity wines...my husband loves very dry wines but I don't :)

My favorite wine is the homemade wine my grandfather makes...amazing :)

Kelsey Cole said...

I don't drink, but I won't lie, I've always wanted to go to a winery! and vineyards are so enchanting and romantic:) If i did drink I would totally be someone would love tasting fancy wines and maybe I'd even have a vineyard of my own... and live in italy. yep, that would be a dream!

Happiness Is... said...

I love any sauvignon blanc from New Zealand...Cloudy Bay, Kim Crawford, Spyglass, Nobilo, the list goes on!