Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Officially Brain Dumping.

With not blogging every single day like I had been...
it seems like I can't just blog about one thing in particular.
So this post I'm calling my brain dump.

1. I'm counting down the days till my love and I head to the beach.


Pensacola Beach, Florida.
Yes please.

2. The hubs has started Fantasy Football as of this past Sunday.
This means intense rituals of scoping out every football game
hoping his players do well.

 Oh joy.

 3. My coworker friends love, love, love this show.
I've never watched it, but since I love anything of this nature...
I thought I'd give it a go.

Reviews to come soon!

4. This Saturday we are planning on taking Cameron to the Nashville Science center.
I'm looking forward to going and taking some good pictures.

5. I've had to really pray about something heavy on my heart lately.
It's something I feel horrible for thinking, but goodness it can be hard at times.


6. Last night I attended my hubby's company talent show.
It was so fun, and I'm so glad I got to join him.
I met a ton of people that he works with.

7.  I have found another recipe website that I have been glued to.
Crock Pot Girls that everyone been raving about on Face Book.
So, so cool!

8. Friday I am hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party...
I didn't send out invitations to anyone because I knew majority of the people 
were either a) already hosting a party or b) the people who would be able to come
would be the people I work with. Why waste the paper? 
So...with that being said...if you're a local friend and would like to come, 
email me and I'll tell ya the info.

Well...I'm gonna go love on the puppies and take a shower!
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! 


Amber said...

Take me to the beach with you! My boyfriend is in like 5 drafts this season, which basically means we will never see each other, haha! I've been wanting to start watching Dexter too, I hear it's amazing!

Paige said...

I was told to start watching Dexter too by so many of my friends. Gotta get on the dvds. Have fun on your trip. Enjoy!

Lil' Woman said...

My sister raves about Dexter...she loves that show! :)