Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Next J. K. Rowling....

Meet Caroline..
one of the cutest 5 year old's you'll ever meet.
Last night I had the pleasure of hanging out with her.
We colored Snow White pictures for each other, watched Gnomeo and Juliet,
and I even learned how to play Angry Birds! 
 (I didn't tell her, but I had it on my phone.)

In between everything...
she told me a story about a frog...her frog.
And as I asked her questions...
she went on and on like a pro with so much detail and excitement.
I couldn't help but smile as I typed quickly trying to follow along.


Once upon a time...

there was a frog named, Hoppie.

Hoppie was jumping on lily pads that had bright pink flowers on them.

These pink flowers smelled cotton candy.

Hoppie decided he would go out and find a friend.

He found a bird.

This bird was a wood pecker with big wings and very big legs.

He lived in a tree that was in a forest that was very dark only at night.

Hoppie always tried to find his wood pecker friend, but never wanted to because the forest
was always very dark.

Instead, he would try and find another friend.

Wood pecker didn't know this because he was always asleep during the day.

Hoppie found a turtle friend named Shelldin.

Shelldin was a very slow turtle.

Hoppie and Shelldin loved to have picnics...and always seemed to find a good spot.

Hoppie would eat dragon flys and Shelldin would eat popcorn.

When they left it was really dark.

Along the way, Hoppie saw his old friend, Wood pecker.

Wood pecker was so sad because Hoppie found a new friend.

Since Wood pecker was so sad, Hoppie wanted to be both of their friends.

Shelldin loves to play volleyball with his head and is very good at it too.

Wood pecker loves to peck the trees.

And Hoppie loves to play with both of them and sometimes by himself.

And they lived happily ever after....

the end.

Ya never know...
she could be the next J. K. Rowling.


Elizabeth said...
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Amber said...

I love little girls at that age! So cute! You never know! : )