Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Brain Purge

Friends...I have a confession to make.
I'm going through a blogging rut right now where I'm having
to scrape up the desire to sit down and blog.
{insert sad face here}

This rut I think is due to not really feeling like I have anything to talk about.
There's nothing interesting going on right now,
and so I feel like everything I have to blog about is the same old same old...

....but like a true blog-aholic...I'm going to stay true to this 
little blog of mine, and give you what I have.
Because really truly, this blog has turned in to
a kinda sorta digital scrapbook.

The other day, I finally took Buck to the vet for his allergies.
They just weren't easing up, so we opted for him to receive a 
Cortisone shot...something we wanted to do as a last resort.
We have started giving him 1/2 of a Claritin pill everyday, and 
since then...he has eased up tremendously on the licking and chewing.

I got super sad the other night, and cried myself to sleep.
Sometimes it is so hard to sit back and wait for my husband to be ready,
and to feel like it's time to have a baby.
Everyone around me is pregnant, or getting pregnant...
and although I am so excited and happy for them...
it's what I want and desire so much.

This past Sunday when I went to the county fair, 
I got behind this...
the cutest little goat.

My husband has his Final Fantasy Football draft this Saturday...
one of two that is.
Hello football season!

I love this picture! 
It's 3 of the most important people in my life.
After Cameron's football practice, we went and grabbed
some shakes and burgers for dinner.

Tomorrow is one month till our vacation.
It seriously cannot get here fast enough.

I made homemade Pimento Cheese for lunch today,
and it was delicious. I'm hooked on it.

I love finding things like this.
I was at the house of Denise's parents...
when I looked at the fridge and saw what I wrote 6 years ago!

Well, lovelies...
I'm off to take a dip in the pool.

Have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for things to happen in your life... you have to make them happen! Love ya girl!!

Mrs. Parker said...

Totally understand the blogging rut! Been there... but like you said just stick with it, and in time things will turn around :) Besides, to me blogs don't necessarily have to always be about specific topics -- I like these posts where people share their lives :)