Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Want a Ton of Pumpkins.

I'm officially ready for Fall.

A few months ago I was ready for Spring to be over with 
and Summer to get here.

And now that it's here, I want it to be gone!
I'm over this horrible heat wave we have going on 
and ready for some cool, crisp air to feel my lungs up.

Anywho. Enough of standing on this hot soapbox of mine...
and onto sharing a bit of these lovelies.

Yesterday my bestie and I went and did a little looking
around at Hobby Lobby.
Ya know, the place where you could easily
spend your whole life savings at.
{Well, maybe not all of it but ya know what I mean}

It was at this place that I realized I was over Summer.

The pumpkins did me in.
The glitter and sparkles were beautiful.

And the fall festive decor were so cute...
I could have easily snatched a ton of pillows up for my couches,
but I refrained.

I love these crosses.
The acorns add so much.

These little black crows are so cute.
I would be tempted to leave these up year round.

And of course anything Monogrammed is adorable.
However, Denise and I decided this would be a craft project
closer to Pumpkin season.
{in my opinion you could do it much cheaper than $30 bucks.}

I love this black and white pumpkin.
It's one of my favs!

And while I was there, I scoped out the ornaments.
Each year I try and get an ornament that says something about the year.
When we got Kaci...I got a dog bone, and when we went on our first cruise,
I got a ornament on the ship for that year.

This year I picked a cross.
This particular ornament represents the hubs and I
getting back in to church.

Do you love Hobby Lobby as 
much as I do??


Heather said...

oh yes. HobLob and I go way back. I,too, love those monogram pumpkins!

mama marchand said...

I heart Hobby Lobby in a bad way. :) I am loving that monogram pumpkin - very cool!

Neely said...

I loooove Hobby Lobby!!!

Kristi Andersen said...

I absolutely LOVE Hobby Lobby

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

Ok I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby! I never have and I heard it is amazing! I LOOOOOOOOOVE THESE PUMPKINS!!! What a darling way to keep Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations out for a few months. I am so ready for fall too! Pumpkin everything is sooooooo delicious!!!

Jessica Renee said...

oh i love me some hobby lobby! and of course I LOOOVE fall! You are now forcing me to make a trip this week! :p

Kelly said...

I love all things pumpkins!! Love summer, but we are definitely ready for fall :)

Look forward to following your blog!