Friday, August 5, 2011

Date Night and Sorbetto

My honey surprised me with a spare of the moment date night.
Which in my opinion are the best.

It doesn't take much to make me happy...
and this guy tends to know how.
{which shouldn't be a no brainer considering he's my husband}

In town there's a yummy Japanese Hibachi Grill, Koi
that I know I have mentioned before on here.
For a while there, it seemed like we were eating there every weekend,
and my stomach was kinda getting sick of it.

But when Mike mentioned we go there,
it finally sounded good.

I hate that I didn't get any pictures during dinner.
I've mentioned before that it has to be an actual occasion
for me to get random pictures of him.
I wore him out when I went crazy paparazzi on him in the past, 
and now it's like pulling teeth to get him to take a picture.

So I sneak instead. 

After dinner he took me to my favorite place.
 the Goodwill.

It's a Thrift-aholic's bar of choice...
and for me the home goods is my drink of choice.

I racked up on a deal a while back here at this same store.
I got my studded Rainbow flip flops brand new for $4.99.


Oh how I loathe my toes.
 Maybe it's because I'm not a foot person,
but besides that..I do have ugly feet.
Sorry babe.

And what better way to finish up our date??

It's even better than ice cream in my opinion.
The hubs however loves his Moose Tracks too much to agree.

But that's okay...
that just means there's more for me!


Anonymous said...

Rainbow flip flops for $4.99?!!!! So jealous! I better get my butt to the thrift store more often. I like buying books there. I always save at least $10 per book. Some people don't like buying things from thrift stores but buying a book there is no different than checking it out from the library. Glad you found some good deals!

Lil' Woman said...

I love going there and browsing the home goods too. I like to find the old creepy stuff that would look good after a little TLC.