Sunday, August 28, 2011

Class of '01- Hub's Turn.

Mike's ten year class reunion was last night...
well, from the school he would have graduated from if he hadn't
transferred schools.
It was one of those things he felt bad if he would have gone
without graduating he decided to not go.

we did go to the first football game of the season Friday night.
And let me tell ya..
it was a whole different world.

The girls dressed as if they were street walkers,
and the language these kids used...
well let's just say I'd like to think I hadn't heard of those
words, sentences and slang when I was in high school.
My hubs had to explain to me the difference between inner city schools
and county schools which in these days I honestly don't know if there is much
of a difference.

On the way to the game I wondered how my lovey was gonna
feel going back to a place that kinda sorta left a tender spot in his heart.

His Sophmore year he was Quarterback of the team,
playing at his all time best...
foreseeing that if he continued to work hard,
and stay on track...
he could have gone and played in College.

Transferring schools at such a time,
he never played High school football again.

He said he was alright, but I think seeing those kids on the field with
the same exact football jerseys he once wore...
brought back a flood of emotions to the hubs.

It was fun listening to the memories he had while he attended school there
and seeing where he practiced and hung out with friends.

Thank the good Lord I had Bridget there by my side...
I was certain we were gonna get b**ch slapped by these girls
at some point for sitting on their turf.

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