Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Bad Hair Day.

So I decided to change my new do the other morning...
and I wasn't too fond of it.

It was worth the try, I guess...
 I'm thinking where it all went wrong was when 
the hair products came in to play.
{Aussie Scrunch spray, and Herbal Essences Curly Mousse}

I have some what wavy hair.
It's not the beautiful, all over wavy hair that people pay to have.

It's the hair that has one wave here, and one wave way
over there type hair.

Yea...I'm thinking the straight style verses 
 the scrunchy, wavy...trying to have gorgeous  
curly hair pic.


Lil' Woman said...

I think it looks cute both ways : )

Savanah said...

You are so pretty and I love your blog!! Found you through the linkup :)

Ashley said...

I agree, I like the straight hair a lot, but I think it's cool you can do curly every now and then just naturally. It takes me hours! You are super cute, I'm jealous of your teeth. :)

mama marchand said...

You can totally rock both. :) Try aerate from Redken to get those natural waves going ... it's pricey but it lasts forever and you don't need much! We totally have the same hair texture, by the way. ;)

Sweet Sunday Loving said...

I like it both ways! :)

Jessica Renee said...

It's totally cute both ways!