Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sidekick Sunday

So I'm linking up with Sarah this lovely evening...
and I'm thinking you should too!

And since we all know just how much I love bragging
about our fur children...
it made perfect sense for me to!

1. Can your sidekick do tricks?
I wouldn't say tricks...{I wish they could}, but they do know how to sit.
Kaci knows how to bring you her toy if you ask her too.
And since I thought you might wanna hear how insanely annoying and high pitch
my voice is, I uploaded a video. TURN YOUR VOLUME ON LOW!

A surprise will be given if you can tell me the number of times I ask where daddy is.
Kidding. Oh! And just so you know, I honestly don't think I talk that high normally.

2. If so, how was your experience teaching them?
My husband actually worked with them on sitting.
Kaci, however learned pretty quickly on bringing her toy to you.
It's all in the key of repetition.

3. If not, do you want to teach them? What tricks would you like for your sidekick to be able to do?
 I wish they could play dead. I saw a video on youtube of a dog doing that...and it was hilarious.

**Ps. I hate not being able to center this video. The slight OCD in me thinks everything is thrown off
because of it.** 

1 comment:

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Aw I couldn't watch the video because it said it was private! :(

I totally want to teach Lucy to play dead too. My sisters Yorkie does it. You say "bang" and point your fingers like a gun, and she lays dead! lol. Too cute.

Thank you so much for linking up <333