Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving....

Hello sweet friends!

Not only do I love these awesome little link ups,
but I love the fact that today is that much closer to the weekend!
Thank you, Jesus!

When I got home this afternoon, 
I got to curl up with my fur baby girl and love on her a bit!
She's just the sweetest!

  • My honey is so excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out on Friday. 
I think it's kinda cute.

I finally picked up the few things I needed to officially
A food scale and some 
measuring spoons.

  • I got to see my parents this afternoon. My dad is doing great,
and it looks like he will be leaving the hospital and 
heading home on Friday!

Last night while going through this box of stuff {ya know, stuff!}..
I came across my yearbooks and Senior book.
I had not looked at that stuff in so long...
and to read some of the things that were wrote
just made me laugh.

  • We are finally sorting out the details for our vacation in September. 
It seriously cannot get here fast enough.


Neely said...

Good luck with ww! THats awesome :)

Breanna said...

I am also doing WW :) We could be WW buddies :) Good luck!

mama marchand said...

WOO HOO for WW! :) I know you can do it, girl!

Jessica Renee said...

Go you! You're gonna do awesome on WW! :)
And so funny because I have the EXACT same memory book, except mine was 2000! :p