Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdee Thoughts... a random kind of way.

  • Tomorrow is Friday. Can I get an amen??
  • This afternoon I finally got my hair cut. It feels so much better, and so much more healthier at that.
I tried the long hair and as much as I wish I could do it, I can't. When it get's past the shoulders it starts
looking dead, and drab. 

...and from a different angle. I kind of look crazy..but I was trying to add
some volume when the hubs snapped a pic. Oh well.

  • Speaking of hair, I was able to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths ....{my hair wasn't long enough, so Locks of Love couldn't take it}. 
It touches my heart that I was able to do this. I have had several people in my life who have had
cancer and had to experience chemotherapy...

  • Tomorrow night I am attending a branch outing with my hub's new work. I'm looking forward to meeting his new team.
  • My love and I are starting to peck away at our vacation plans come September. As much as I wish we could fly to Orlando to see my are looking too pricey. Instead, I think we are going to rent a cabin for a few days in the Smoky Mountains. I'm so excited.

Looks like it's almost my bed time....
hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


Anonymous said...

We rented a great pet friendly cabin in the ga mountains. Look for those. Had a fence and dog toys! They were in heaven. Sliding rock cabins was ours,maybe you can find something similar. Kim

Anonymous said...

Love the hair :)

Christina said...

Cute Haircut!

Breanna said...

Love it! :) You look gorgeous!

Jessica Renee said...

That is the perfect length on you! You look great, girly!!

Krista said...

Your hair looks great! Really. Really really great :) And I've never heard of that Pantene thing, very cool.