Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Show Us Your : Laundry Room

...because it's the most exciting thing in the whole entire house!

I have already said that if we ever 
move or even build a house one day...
I want a massive laundry room...
with counter space to fold clothes.

My mom has a laundry room that inspires me.
Organized, and pretty.
{yes, it is possible for a laundry room to be pretty}

I'm fairly organized in here...
but I do want to make it even more organized than it is already.

The hard part is the location of the shelves and the size of the room.
Reaching things are pretty hard if you have short limbs like me.

This is my favorite thing in here.
I grabbed this thing at Goodwill for like 4 bucks one day,
and thought the faucet pipes looked perfect 
for laundry room type decor.

Since I'm in the process of cleaning off the fridge...
I thought what better way to declutter it was to hang some 
stuff in a room guests don't too often look in.

 And another Goodwill find.
Perfect for my laundry goods.

Maybe my next room I'll show y'all will be our room!


Neely said...

I love seeing a glimpse into peoples lives!

Chloe said...

I love your laundry room!
At least you have one!!
I don't... haha
My washing machine is in the kitchen... And the rest of "landry stuff" is all around the house.

Jessica Renee said...

Oh I love your faucet pipes shelf! Your room looks so clean and organized! Way nicer than mine :p

Krista said...

Wow, your laundry room is awesome! Mine is just a corner of the dank, dark, spiderweb ridden basement. I love that faucet hanger...really cool idea!