Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Walking Route

I decided to go ahead and get my walk out of the way instead
of waiting till this evening.

I love the feeling of accomplishment
knowing that I just sweated my booty off.

For the most part it's a fairly easy route.
I've never been one to enjoy the concrete....
when I would run or go walking in the past,
I always opted for the grass if there was some near by.
Ask my bestie..aka runny bud.

The temperature may not be so lovely...reading at 94 but feeling like 100+.
But the blue skies however are gorgeous here in Tennessee.

This hill thought it would be the death of me...
but my calves thoroughly enjoyed the pain.

I've been seeing these bushes all throughout the neighborhood...
and had to snap a pic.
I may be using it as reference when 
I'm trying to explain
to the Home Depot boy what I'm looking for.

My hands and face are so swollen, but dang do I feel good! :)


Off to the pool I go! :)

Happy Thursday, friends!


Anonymous said...

I think those are Crape Myrtles and if that's what they are... I love them. We have 4 in our backyard all in different colors and they're beautiful!

Happy Thursday!

Jessica Renee said...

Go girl!! You're doing awesome! And you still look adorable! :)

Krista said...

Way to go girlie!

Zara said...

Way to go!!!!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Good job!!

Looks like a nice (but quite a workout) place to run!