Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Day....

...scoring points.

Or might I just say diminishing my points.
{I'm trying to look at it as a game instead of a weight loss thing because then
I might actually stick with it.}

It's the Weight Watchers program.
I did it way back years ago...but to be honest, I wasn't serious about it.

But with reaching my heaviest I have ever been, it's time to change.
I've maintained this weight for a while, and I'm just sick of it.
I weighed myself last night, and just couldn't believe what it read.

So since I'm showing you pictures of my sun damaged face,
I might as well add to it by telling you just how large I am.

Whoa momma.

But you know what?
I've taken the first step again and again...
and sticking with it is what I need to pray for.

My friend from work showed me this amazing app on the Droid.
It's the Weight Watcher's Diary...
where you can keep track of everything you do
activity wise and nutritionally.

This isn't from my phone...
but it's the same exact app.

I'm hoping to use my little blog as a way to plug in my progress
through my whole weight loss trip.

I will tell ya one thing...
this losing weight sucks.


Mrs. Parker said...

I so applaud you! I've been doing WW on and off for about a year...and it's challenging. I'm definitely not where I want to be...but am right there with you, it's the sticking with it part that catches me. Good luck! I weighed in this morning...not ideal, but being honest & being diligent will pay off! :)

Anonymous said...

contrary to belief... gaining it isn't to much fun either. I'm right their with you with loosing weight, I'm at my heaviest too. Just super hard when my husbands words supports me, but not the actions (because I am very weak willed!)

mama marchand said...

I know it's hard but we can do this! Go you for making a change!

Gail said...

I'm proud of you, Liz. And posting your weight for all the world to see takes some guts, too, but it also holds you accountable, and I get that.
I could introduce you to Candy. She and I worked together at Hermitage and then she had a baby and went part time at Donelson. She is the WW Pro. She successfully has lost over 100 lbs and it is HER LIFE. She has maintained it, and will never gain it back. She's awesome and would love to help you, I'm sure. (tips, etc.) You just say the word..
You can do it..

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful and I am proud of you!

Erin said...

That is awesome you are taking such a pro-active approach. You can do it girl. And seriously, you are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to watch your progress as you make your way through this journey. Best of luck girl!

Krista said...

Positive changes girl - that's what its about! Give yourself credit, you CAN do it. Maybe now you've given me the inspiration I need to get some poundage off too :) Best of luck!