Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Little One in Our House...

Tonight we have Cameron spending the night with us.

All he has wanted to do is to watch "Brother Michael" play one of his
video games.

During the 10 minutes of watching "Brother Michael" play...

I listened and typed what I heard coming from the living room.

Those circle guys....they watchin' you fight?


How come you don't let them carry those?

......{silence from my hubs}

Uh oh.Who is tryin' to beat you? That one or the other one?

..... {silence from my hubs}

Who is that tryin' to beat you or shoot you? Oh that's you....

..... {silence from my hubs}

Why don't you shoot 'em very much? Are those super heroes? What happened to it?

..... {silence from my hubs}

Uh oh. Superman's inside! But who's supposed to let you know?

..... {silence from my hubs}

The mind of a child....



the workaholic momma said...

too precious!!!! Straight from the mouths of babes!! Hope you and your hubs are having a wonderful 4th!

Krista said...

Great idea to document the conversation (one sided though it was). Cute post!