Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm a Picture Hoarder....

So I realized this way back when, 
but unfortunately my picture hoarding has ceased to change.
I still have a gazillion pictures of my dogs.

However, it does come in handy when you wanna reminisce and look
at the things of the past when you're feeling PMS-ey and emotional.

I thought the sky looked so beautiful last night when
we were driving to the softball game.
It was stunning.

And of course, our baby girl.
Yes, she's furry, wears a collar, and stands on all fours..
but she seriously makes my day.
I came home on lunch, and there she was...
sticking that precious little tongue out.
{Yes...I'm that crazy dog momma}


This afternoon after work, the hubs and I drove to see my parents.
My dad got transferred over to the hospital where he will now
begin his rehab and physical therapy.
I wish I could upload this video I took while we were there,
but I can't figure out why it's letting me...until then, I guess you'll have to wait.

There's a table full of gifts and goodies.
Everyone has been so kind.

I'm sitting here typing away, and all I am doing is yawning.

I believe that is my cue to head to bed.

Sleep well, my friends! :)


Krista said...

Hooray for beautiful pics and dogs that are ALWAYS glad to see you!

Sarah said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of the sunshine! Your dog is adorable too :D I hope your Dad feels better though! And that physical therapy went/is going well!