Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Have a Vision..

...of what our bedroom will look like one day.

The walls will be painted.
New curtains will be hung...

A new bedroom suite will seen...
and a beautiful comforter set will be shown.

...until then...
this is what ya get.

And I'm thankful for it.
Truly I am.

It may not be the prettiest or the most romantic master bedroom..
but it keeps me warm at night...
 close to my husband and fur babies...
 and that's all I should be concerned about, right?

Maybe I should lay off the Pinterest 
for a while
and make up our bed.


Jamie Lynne said...

You definetly have a great master to work with though!

Neely said...

I love the vision!

Krista said...

I love the way a new coat of paint can have such huge impact. Enjoy your project when the time comes!

By the way your ceiling and light fixture are lovely, great bones for a great room :)