Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Funny Conversation....

Me: Omygosh, honey....I know what we can get! An anchor of love!

Hubs: Huh? An anchor? Why are you being weird?

Me: It'd be so cute! Signifying our love for each other..

Hubs: No, we aren't getting an anchor.


Me: It could be small and hidden...and just something we could know about...

Hubs: Huh? 

Me: A tattoo!!! It'd be adorable.

Hubs: You act like I'm supposed to know when you say anchor, 
you mean a tattoo.
Me: I'm gonna keep pressing for an anchor.

Hubs: {{smiles, and shakes his head}}

I saw this picture on Pinterest...
and thought it was so adorable.


The Moon & Me said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment!!! Hole-E Mole-E this is just adorable, I really thought the picture was you and your hubs! If my vote counts...get the anchor. ; )

Sarah said...

Haha- that's cute. I'm not even a tattoo person but I love the little anchors! I'd do it!

Breanna said...

It is cute :)

sprinkles said...

Very cute! I really thought that pic was of you and the hubs!

I wanna get a key tattoo. To remind myself that I am the key to my success. Not gonna do it until after graduation though. That'll be my graduation present to myself.

Jessica Renee said...

Super cute!! I've never seen teeny anchor tattoos like that. y'all should totally do it! Ronnie's covered from arms to ankles in tattoos (he used to tattoo) but he is so hard to convince that we should get a matching one! :(