Sunday, July 31, 2011

Because I Like to Wait....

...till Summer is over half way finished
to let you know about a life money saver of a product.

And when I say money saver...
I mean because you don't have to run to the salon
for a simple fix.

Every Summer we are at the pool constantly, and with that being said...
means the ugly effects Chlorine gives your hair.

I have experienced "Swimmer's hair" a couple of times,
and let me say it's not pretty.

I use Clarifying Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell 
{sorry, it won't let me link anything
that I get from my hair dresser.
I have personally tried all the tricks and trades of the book 
{vinegar, name it, I've tried it}
and none of them worked for me.

Find it and try it!

1 comment:

Neely said...

I get swimmers hair too :(