Sunday, July 10, 2011

9 / 52 : Patterns

Remember this Vera Bradley pattern from way back when?

It's the Medallion pattern and holds some sentimental value inside of it.


When my sweet husband led me on my scavenger hunt for my engagement...
he had the box inside this bag.
Of course at that time, I was all about the Vera..
but I'm thinking I was a little bit more ecstatic about my ring.

Let's just say I will never 
get rid of this bag.


Breanna said...

That is so sweet! :) I'm a Vera addict as well :) I love that you relate this bag to your ring! So sweet!

Erin said...

Auwww, I love that. How sweet =)

Kristin said...

How sweet! I don't know what the pattern is called, but I have a Vera bag that I used as a diaper bag and every time I see that pattern it makes me think of my lil' dude!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

aww this is so sweet... I wouldn't ever get rid of it either, even when it gets old and smells like moth balls twenty years down the road :-)