Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

  • Today we received some pretty exciting news! {Nope...not pregnant} I will be able to say in a day or so, so until then only a handful of people know.
  • "Granny" has made her grand entrance today, and I must say she's kicking my butt. Ladies...you know what I mean when I say Granny has stopped by for her monthly visit.
  • This afternoon after work I went by our local grocery store {store name will remain anonymous}, and this is what I found laying on top of a container in the deli...

Lovely, isn't it? It seriously turned my stomach as I put 
back the rotissere chicken in the hot case.

  • You see this?? This is what happens when my lovely sidekick {Acrylic} in life goes bye bye. I pick...and pick, and pick. They look disgusting, and wickedly short. I'm thinking I am going to try some of the suggestions you mentioned, and see how that goes. Review coming up!

  • I have make up galore stashed away in our bathroom cabinet. The other night when I was looking for my moisturizer, I found this lip gloss by Victoria Secret and decided to give it a go. I can't remember the exact name, but it's something like Copper Breeze, or I dunno...something. I'm trying to decide if I like it or not. Hm.

  • I don't know why I let it get on my nerves, but when I cook a meal...I hate letting it sit and get cold. Tonight I fixed a delicious dinner {chicken and rice, french green beans, new potatoes, and rolls}. Because I am a good wife I make my hubs a plate, and there it sits in front of him while he's busy doing his game planning. Men will be men.
  • Speaking of my love..he did make my day when I looked on my Face book and saw he posted on my wall a sweet message. {It's actually from a song we were going to have sung at our wedding}. I love my husband so much!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Elizabeth said...

I seriously cannot believe that picture! My stomach would be doing flips if I saw that in a grocery store. I know its the middle of summer but geez!

Have you tried Shellac on your nails? Its a gel/laquer hybrid and it really strengthens them. It makes them feel like you're wearing acrylics but it doesn't do damage to your nails.

When I used to wear acrylics, I would always rub solar oil on my cuticles, layer three or four coats of a base coat before giving myself a mani to hide it, and take a vitamin designed for hair/nail health while the damaged part grew out.

xoxo, eilzabeth

Elizabeth said...

@Elizabeth- Thanks for stopping by! That's what I think I'm gonna try. I've heard such good things about it...so maybe this weekend, my nails will be looking good again. :)

I seriously about threw up when I saw it. It only makes me think about what I haven't seen. {gag}

Fabiola said...

Elizabet, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
Yes, my Mom is doing her last round of chemo. We are pretty excited how strong she is.

About your nails, there is this european treatment called Alessandro. It is a miracle worker on nails.


Anonymous said...

I hate when I'm 10 minutes from plating the food and he grabs a bag of chips--- or I'm putting the food up and he grabs a bag a chips! Pfft! Men!

mama marchand said...

I call mine Aunt Flow.

That bug is DISGUSTING. YUCK. I'm gagging over here.

Your poor fingers ... they WILL heal.

I like the lip gloss!

What a sweet hubby you have!