Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Random Kind of Sunday

  • My hubby woke me up for church this morning. This is something that we have needed to do for a long time, and we both really enjoyed where we went. I think we will definitely be going back again.

  • The sermon the pastor gave was really good. It spoke of distractions around us. Distractions that can pull us away from our walk with the Lord.
  • We have some pretty exciting things happening in the Thomas household. I hope to eventually be able to blog about it, but until now....I'll gonna have to keep hush hush.
  • A girls trip is coming up this coming weekend...and it's actually my birthday weekend. {it's not a trip for my birthday, it was just coincidental it worked out to be that weekend.} We are heading to Alabama to go to the Unclaimed Baggage store. We are going to shop, shop, shop...and I am so excited! I'm sure pictures are to come.
  • About a month ago, I mentioned of how I was having a time with my blood pressure being high, and dealing with some chest pains. I am finished with the prescription of medicine they gave me to keep it down, and I'm scheduled to do my Echo and Stress test the 29th of this month. This past Friday, I had a really hard time feeling like I was carrying a 100 pounds on my chest. I was having to take numerous deep breaths throughout the day. A customer whom I waited on just so happened to be a doctor from St. Thomas hospital. Throughout the conversation I had with him, I told him my situation ....and he asked me numerous questions about the symptoms I had be experiencing in return. He without a doubt thinks what is causing it is Sleep Apnea. I went home, researched about it...and come to find out...all the symptoms I have is what Sleep Apnea causes. 
  • I switched to a different purse this weekend, and I'm trying to decide whether I like it or not. I sure am missing my Coach purse.

  • Guess I'm off to see what my Lovey is doing...hope everyone has a fabulous afternoon!


Anonymous said...

It is funny, when you go to a new church or haven't been in a while, it likes the pastor is preaching to you and only you. There have been numerous occasions where my husband and I have had that happen to us. makes you feel more comfortable and knowing that you needed to be there.

Gail said...

Wow, Liz..wish we had talked. I didn't know about your high BP, etc. but I have the EXACT same thing going on.
I wake up EXHAUSTED, short of breath (short of breath ALL the time); feel like an elephant is on my chest, and could easily nap during the day if I were home.
I catch myself all the time not breathing, and when I do, I gasp, or sigh, or YAWN, and people misinterpret it all the time and sometimes get insulted. You know that 'annoyed' sigh that people make when they are, well, annoyed? Well, people think when I sigh that I'm irritated! No! I'm just trying to breathe. And when I yawn, I'm just trying to catch my breath.
I know when I sleep that I don't breathe; and I also know that I snore because I can hear myself. But what to do about it? I don't know.
I also have been taking my bp every single morning when I wake up for almost two years.
I will be happy if you get off the meds and they can get you to a sleep study and maybe a c-pap machine or something.

Mrs. Parker said...

Definitely look in to & ask your doctor about a sleep study/CPAP machine! My husband was/is a classic sleep apnea patient - during the course of his sleep study he stopped breathing on average of like 95 times/hr! But with his machine he's like a NEW person, feels refreshed, gets great rest and it definitely puts me more at ease!
Very much worth the investigation! Good luck!