Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Since today was my day off, I got the pleasure of meeting this man for lunch. {{He's such a hottie}}

{{ I realize that half the pictures I post on here are of my hubs not looking at the camera. Reason being is because he hates having his picture in majority of the time he will cover his face, and go to the extreme of avoiding the camera. With that being said, smart me knows that her camera won't make a peep if I change the I can be sneaky, sneaky.}}

While at lunch in between our conversations of life and vehicles {{yes, interesting, huh?}}...I thought about just how lucky I am to have this guy.

Like for real. Yea, I know he's my husband...and that's how one is supposed to feel about their spouse...but seriously, I am so lucky.

He's so caring, and has the biggest heart and he's such a hard worker. I know that I will never, ever have to worry about him not taking care of me or our family.

I know some wives practically have to force their man get a job, and bring a paycheck home because their so busy wasting it away or just being lazy.

It's just another reason that I have to give glory and praise to God for putting this man in my life...because he really is my rock, and I cannot thank him enough for all he does for me.


Jessica Renee said...

I love this sweet post! :) You're definitely lucky to have each other!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW....such a sweet post!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband:)

Krista said...

Great post! Let's here it for the boys!