Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Run Down

1. Vehicle Inspection Center - Check

2. County Clerks Office (Tags) - Check

3. Marti and Liz's Discount Shoes- Check

 {insert tire blowout in front of our neighbor hood and meeting the fabulous
owners of the Strawberry stand}

4. Buy some homemade Strawberry jam

 5. Buy 4 new tires - Check
6. Lunch with my love in his work office - Check

7. Find some more crosses for my wall
8. Relaxing with my precious girl - Check

Happy Wednesday, friends!


the workaholic momma said...

WHOA - what a busy and accomplished day:) Those shoes are super cute and that jam looks amazing!!!

a lovely mess. said...

Liz you are the cutest! I seriously can't wait to see you at the reunion. We should have a blogger luncheon! HAHA! heart is semi broken that I am not a daily read of yours. its ok...i know i am not that entertaining... :) just kidding. i love all the blogs you follow!