Friday, June 10, 2011

I Confess...

I'm participating in a new link party...
and I'm thinking you should too!


I confess that I'm a total sucker for these link up posts! I think they're so much fun! :)

I confess that I have a bitter portion in my heart. Slowly I am starting to chip away at it, and get rid of it...but in the mean time...I'm just dealing with it. I'm slowly getting there, y'all.

I confess that I am planning on buying the book, "What to Expect Before You're Expecting".

I confess that I haven't packed one single piece of clothing for this weekend. I find myself justifying my procrastination by telling myself it's only an overnight trip.

I confess that when I cleaned yesterday....I did it just so my hubs couldn't say I hadn't cleaned the house lately.

Oops, did I just say that??


Rebecca said...

haha sometimes that's the only reason I clean too!

Sounds like a good book! I might want to read that one since me and my husband are talking about trying next month :)

Shana said...

How cute are you!!! Thank you so much for visiting!!! Bitter yes...and ummm I will do certain things just so my husband won't yell at me too :O)

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Mamarazzi said...

hey thanks for linking up, great confessions!

i tend to clean so that no one ever asks why i don't...i don't think anyone would but i always worry!

The Popes said...

Girl, I bought bedding (boy AND girl!), 2 bins of baby clothes, and every parenting book ever made 5 YEARS before we even started trying to have kids!

People said I was nuts (kinda right!) but I sure was happy when Josie came and I was all ready for her!

I'm praying for your future babies! You'll be a great mom.

Ashley Gollasch said...

I got What to Expect months ago and we aren't pregnant either. lol People look at me funny when they see it on our bookshelf

Jessica Renee said...

LOL I love your last one, I do that ALL the time! :p

And I read your old post about being "bitter" and I actually have someone in my life who is the exact same way. They're family so it's not easy...But I'm here if you ever want to talk! :)

Amber said...

That seems like a perfectly acceptable reason to clean! At least it's getting done, right??

Stacie said...

I hate packing and unpacking, but I love traveling!