Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friends are Friends Forever...

I will be honest with you...

I'm not a girl who has a ton of friends.

I can probably count on my right hand people who I know will be there at one o'clock in the morning if I needed them to be, and not a minute would be wasted.

This girl...her name is Jaclyne...Jacquelyne to be exact.
{I can't help but spell it how I've always been known to spell it.}

Our friendship has remained solid through thick and thin over the past thirteen years.

Jaclyne and I...her maid of honor

Today was the first time seeing each other after six months of no hang outs, no get together or even any brief passing...and I missed it. It makes me sad to think what all was missed, but today we laughed at just how thankful we were to have Face book.

We laughed, talked about husbands, clothes and decor... just how we left off so many months ago.

And like my mom said,...

"that's what true friendship is all about."


Diana said...

How sweet! And I totally know what u mean.. I've got about 7 close friends who actually live in my town but still.. Even though we may not hang out all the time, it's nice to know they'll always b there for u :)

Anonymous said...

People like this are priceless, my two best friends are currently in Scotland and Sri Lanka, but no amount of time passing will break down or friendship!

Anonymous said...

I got a friend like that too.. being a military wife she's always gone from "home" but when she comes back we pick right back up!