Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've Come to Realize...

that no matter how hard I try....
I don't have an ounce of golfer's blood in me.

With that being said...
I'll just leave that hobby to the hubby.

Show Us Your : Job

...also known as my home away from home.

If you can't tell from the picture...
I am a bank teller.

I love my fact when I got out of being a teller,
and went in to selling bank products at an insurance place..
I missed being a teller.

As any other can be stressful.
With this work field, when you deal with people's money...
it's like dealing with their baby.

And along with stressful, it can be very dirty.
It's a known fact that at least 90% of currency has traces of cocaine 
found on it...and not to mention everything else
you can think of known to man kind. 

With that being said....
in my work station Lysol Spray and Hand sanitizer are must haves.
Not to mention my fan that is turned on at all times of the day.

And I can't forget this handsome man looking my way constantly.
This is my most favorite picture of him...
taken at the Chattanooga Aquarium during our dating days.

So that's pretty much where I sit and stand am every day during the week.

And what I say 467,906,201 times a day is....

"Hi, how can help you today??"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Show Us Your : Kitchen

Ta dah!

This is where the Betty Crocker, Pioneer Woman wanna be
spends all her time trying out endless amounts
of recipes.

It's still a work in progress as in trying to find a style for the
kitchen...but it consists of working with what we have, garage sales
and good will finds.

Thanks to Pinterest...
I'm on my way to having some decorating ideas
for this dear kitchen.

Maybe you'll see some progress soon!


Since today was my day off, I got the pleasure of meeting this man for lunch. {{He's such a hottie}}

{{ I realize that half the pictures I post on here are of my hubs not looking at the camera. Reason being is because he hates having his picture in majority of the time he will cover his face, and go to the extreme of avoiding the camera. With that being said, smart me knows that her camera won't make a peep if I change the I can be sneaky, sneaky.}}

While at lunch in between our conversations of life and vehicles {{yes, interesting, huh?}}...I thought about just how lucky I am to have this guy.

Like for real. Yea, I know he's my husband...and that's how one is supposed to feel about their spouse...but seriously, I am so lucky.

He's so caring, and has the biggest heart and he's such a hard worker. I know that I will never, ever have to worry about him not taking care of me or our family.

I know some wives practically have to force their man get a job, and bring a paycheck home because their so busy wasting it away or just being lazy.

It's just another reason that I have to give glory and praise to God for putting this man in my life...because he really is my rock, and I cannot thank him enough for all he does for me.


Ya know the popular publishing network for women?


Well, I'm thinking about going for it...
as in signing up.

Any thoughts or tips I should know about??

Pullllleeeze share...
I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


dealing with the public....


Need I say more???

Monday, June 27, 2011

8 / 52 : Pink I'm making a vow to stop slacking with this Photo Challenge and get on with it...


But let me tell's tough.

Miscellany Monday - Pet Peeve Edition

Today's my favorite day in blog land because I just love linking up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday!

And something else I am so excited my sweet friend, Kristi created her new blog...go check it out and give her some love! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 

 1.Our landscaping. 
I really think it could look great if things were moved around 
and placed differently. It's something we definitely want to do one day.
See that cute little butterfly stepping stone? My sweet sister made that for me.
I love it. 

2. Scary clouds.
I'm not too fond of the weather that has been 
 happening in our neck of the woods lately.
This was a picture I snapped on our way home from lunch
Sunday. The clouds were so low it looked as if we were going to 
drive right in to them. Blue skies and sunshine, where art thou?

 3. Seriously, babe? Seriously.
I know there are plenty of things I do that drive my husband crazy.
Like leaving the kitchen cabinets open after I'm done getting whatever I need out 
of them...or my not so tidy passenger side seat.
But seriously...when one shaves his face, wipe the freaking whiskers up!
I'm tempted to do what my bestie did, and place them nicely in his toothbrush. 


4. Sweet reminders.
My hubs gave me the sweetest audio card for my birthday...
and I keep it at my desk at work for days when things
aren't going too great. I can open it up, and hear the cheesy fabulous
song that it plays. Oh how I love him.

5. Wednesday's appointment. 
Wednesday I go for my Stress test and Echo exam. I'm really not nervous,
just ready to get it over with. Hopefully it won't last too long.
Speaking of appointments, my dad goes Friday for his double knee replacement surgery.
Thank you for all the prayers thus far...but please continue to pray.

6. Fabulous movie review.
I watched this movie on Sunday while the hubs was out golfing...
I loved it so much, I'm making my love watch it with me again.
Keeping up with the Jones' 
becomes a reality in this movie. 

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. 

Happy Monday, friends!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Last Tuesday...I mentioned that we had some pretty exciting
news to share...but I couldn't at that point till the hubs
gave me the all clear signal.

Well...the big news was my amazing husband
was promoted to Branch Manager of one of the Lebanon locations
in town. I am so, so proud of his determination and hard work. 
 While I was out with one of my girlfriends yesterday, I decided
to get my hubs a little something just to let him know how thankful
I was for him. It was nothing big, but something 
I knew would bring a smile
to his face.

I love the Bath & Body Works Outlet store. They always have super cheap sales,
and a whole lot of everything.

The most expensive thing{s} I bought were the 2 large candles which were 10 bucks. 
They burn for a super long time, and their scent always last for a while.

The little basket on the right I got for my honey. Hair & Body Wash 
{which smells amazing},
a tube of shaving cream 
{it's like what they use in the old timey barber shops},
and a bottle of stress lotion 
{hence new job and possible stress and pressure this week}.


And can you believe this candle holder was .75??!!!
I love it. I figured I could even use it for cotton balls or
some knick knacks in the kitchen.

I was quite pleased with my little shopping extravaganza.

I'm off to watch a movie ESPN with my love!
{{He owes me for this one!}}

Night friends!

Show Us Your : Church

The hubs and I stayed up way too late last night.

Between episodes of Ufc and my Pinterest was after midnight before we both rolled in to bed.

I will be honest...when the alarm clock went off this morning, a quick thought of how good the comforter felt entered my brain.

I was sleepy.

But once I got to church....

I hugged what seemed like a million and one people, and gave about a billion and one smiles...

my energy was restored.

I'm just loving our new church and the friends we are making.

Thank you, Lord for blessing us!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friends are Friends Forever...

I will be honest with you...

I'm not a girl who has a ton of friends.

I can probably count on my right hand people who I know will be there at one o'clock in the morning if I needed them to be, and not a minute would be wasted.

This girl...her name is Jaclyne...Jacquelyne to be exact.
{I can't help but spell it how I've always been known to spell it.}

Our friendship has remained solid through thick and thin over the past thirteen years.

Jaclyne and I...her maid of honor

Today was the first time seeing each other after six months of no hang outs, no get together or even any brief passing...and I missed it. It makes me sad to think what all was missed, but today we laughed at just how thankful we were to have Face book.

We laughed, talked about husbands, clothes and decor... just how we left off so many months ago.

And like my mom said,...

"that's what true friendship is all about."

Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

Guess he was barking up the wrong tree....

The Bull & Whistle

If you're ever in Nashville...and decide to venture out a little about 30 minutes east to a little town called Lebanon.

There is a place called The Bull & Whistle, which is in an old mill {just imagine the cool atmosphere}...that has some great food and live music.

Last night, a friend of ours, J.C. Andersen was doing a show...and he is amazing. Seriously.

His wife, Kristi and I go way back to church and school days...and reconnected at the church we both go to now.

We had the best time singing, and laughing...just hanging out.

The pictures aren't the best...but I'm so glad I snapped some.

Ps. If you ever do come this way...
shoot me an email!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Newbie on Board

So I gave in to the temptation
{knowing I was already addicted 
to enough
things in my life...
ahem, blogging...face book}}

to the craze of Pinterest.

Oh let me count the ways things I love.

                                                                          Source: via Pinterest on Pinterest


                                                                          Source: via Pinterest on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Pinterest on Pinterest

                                                                                 Source: via Amber on Pinterest

                                                                          Source: via Bailey on Pinterest


                                                                                          Source: via Pinterest on Pinterest

                                                      So I'm officially addicted to this thing.
                                                       How can I can tell??

                                                              Because it's past my bedtime...
                                                           and my eyes are burning from staring
                                                           at the computer screen very p-interesting boards.


Hubby's Study Guide

Dear my wonderful, handsome, loving husband....

I thought I would help you out just a tad bit today, and give you a study guide for you to review.

This is not something that you need to know by tomorrow...

but something you might just want to have on hand in case you misconstrue a response or two within our future years of marriage.

{{thank you, sister for the steal!}}

I love you with all my heart...



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lookey Lookey!!! :)


There's nothing like opening up a comment I get from a reader, and not being able to reply back.

I feel like I look like I am avoiding, or being snobby.

I love getting comments...

but some of them I can't reply back to.

Check this out (I had to do mine too, because I didn't realize it for the longest time either)..

make this minor adjustment...and we can chat all day {through email of course!}


Let me know if you need any help! :)

Tuesday's Tidbits

  • Today we received some pretty exciting news! {Nope...not pregnant} I will be able to say in a day or so, so until then only a handful of people know.
  • "Granny" has made her grand entrance today, and I must say she's kicking my butt. know what I mean when I say Granny has stopped by for her monthly visit.
  • This afternoon after work I went by our local grocery store {store name will remain anonymous}, and this is what I found laying on top of a container in the deli...

Lovely, isn't it? It seriously turned my stomach as I put 
back the rotissere chicken in the hot case.

  • You see this?? This is what happens when my lovely sidekick {Acrylic} in life goes bye bye. I pick...and pick, and pick. They look disgusting, and wickedly short. I'm thinking I am going to try some of the suggestions you mentioned, and see how that goes. Review coming up!

  • I have make up galore stashed away in our bathroom cabinet. The other night when I was looking for my moisturizer, I found this lip gloss by Victoria Secret and decided to give it a go. I can't remember the exact name, but it's something like Copper Breeze, or I dunno...something. I'm trying to decide if I like it or not. Hm.

  • I don't know why I let it get on my nerves, but when I cook a meal...I hate letting it sit and get cold. Tonight I fixed a delicious dinner {chicken and rice, french green beans, new potatoes, and rolls}. Because I am a good wife I make my hubs a plate, and there it sits in front of him while he's busy doing his game planning. Men will be men.
  • Speaking of my love..he did make my day when I looked on my Face book and saw he posted on my wall a sweet message. {It's actually from a song we were going to have sung at our wedding}. I love my husband so much!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!